I.O.W.A. Building (Iowa Operates With Agriculture)

The I.O.W.A. Building is the newest addition to our fairgrounds rental offerings. It has 20,000 square feet of clear floor space, is located next to paved parking, located next to the Fair Center (30,000 square feet of clear floor space), has a concession area, bathrooms, a bar when needed, a balcony, drop down, evenly spaced 20 amp outlets, several roll up doors, and controllable access doors at the main entrance (west side) and the north entrance as well. The I.O.W.A. building has limitless applications for any show, party, sale, or event. The space can be used for booths, boats, large display items such as tractors, cars, combines or anything else needing space for display and drop down electrical power. Recently the building was used as a site for the All Saints School Gala Fund Raiser. The special drop down lighting and wall curtains helped  create the desired party atmosphere. Bleacher seating can be provided as needed. This building just might be the venue you need for the new event you are planning or to grow your existing one. Please contact the fair office for additional details.