July 30th - August 4th
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Make the Most of The Mississippi Valley Fair!

It’s your time to shine at the  Mississippi Valley Fair. From Horse Shows to the Fair Queen Contest, the possibilities to participate are endless. For more information on renting a commercial space, entering the Fair Queen Competition, Horse Shows or the multitude of Mississippi Valley Fair Competitions, click on the links below!

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Commercial Space

Become one of the many beloved vendors at this year’s Mississippi Valley Fair! Leave your mark on over 300,000 fairgoers with face to face interactions.
image several young women participating in the 2016 Mississippi Valley Fair Queen Competition image

Fair Queen Information

Meet the Mississippi Valley Fair Queen and apply to become the new Mississippi Valley Fair Queen!
Young girl kissing her blue ribbon prize horse on the nose image

Horse Show Bulletin

Join us for the Mississippi Valley Fair Horses Shows!
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Open Class Competition Entry

The Mississippi Valley Fair Open Class Competitions are back and better than ever!

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