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Call for rates that will apply for your reception or private party:








A certificate of liability insurance is required. (Usually covered under your homeowners.)

A security officer will be arranged for you. The price will be locked in two months before your event.

We do set up and clean up, and provide the bartenders at no extra cost.

You must use our table covering and skirts. Linens are provided. Round tables are used. Skirted tables, which includes a linen tablecloth and plastic skirt (skirting one side) are priced per table skirted.

A choice of two beverages may be brought in with your catered meal. You may choose from milk, coffee, tea, or punch. See the attached list of caterers. All other beverages must be purchased from the Mississippi Valley Fair. NO ALCOHOL OR SOFT DRINKS MAY BE BROUGHT ONTO THE PREMISES. Champagne may be purchased. Drink tickets will be provided upon request. Sparkling non-alcoholic wine can be provided upon request.

Cost of kegs will be determined. Contact the Fair Office for details. The cost for beer and pop will be locked in two months before the event.

A deposit of one half of the total rent is due within 15 days of issue of a contract. Balance of the rent is due 90 days prior to the event. All bills for extra charges must be paid to the bartender on the night of the event in the form of check or cash.


No lighted candles, confetti, bales of hay, corn stalks, or pumpkins are allowed. You must be out of the building by 1:00 a.m. All personal items must be removed when you leave that evening.


Mississippi Valley Fair

List of Caterers


The following caterers are the preferred caterers for the Mississippi Valley Fair. These caterers are familiar with our facilities:


A Guy and A Grill (563)-260-0229 (

Bridges Catering (563) 289-3100 (

Corner Stop Catering (563) 689-6578

Debord’s Catering (309) 762-5323

Hy-Vee Catering (Call your local store.)

Iowa Machine Shed (563) 391-2427

Jeff’s Market Catering (563) 785-4767

Matthiesen’s Catering (563) 659-8409

Smokin Butt BBQ (563) 570-0476 or (569) 676-9222 (




"Mississippi Valley Fair Center"

The Fair Center is a 30,000 square foot, heated building (300x100) with 9 20amp electrical drops evenly spaced in each 100 foot span. A balcony overlooking the floor is frequently used by events as a temporary office area. Restrooms and a concession area are conveniently located in the building. Large roll-up doors are spaced along all sides provide easy access and increased ventilation. Wi-Fi is available within the building.

 I.O.W.A. Building


"Keppy 4-H Hall"


"Expo Center"


"Starlite Ballroom"


































































































































































































































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